Welcome to the Kentucky Wiki Community Portal. This is a new Wikia site begun in the Spring of 2006.

01:19, 1 June 2006 (UTC)

At the time the Kentucky Wikia was founded, only two other U.S. states, Alaska and New Jersey have established Wikia sites.


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The Kentucky Wiki is a place to share your Kentucky knowledge and character in a relaxed and casual way. You can contribute here in a free-form manner within reason.

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If you are a Wikipedian (have an account at Wikipedia), you can join The Kentucky WikiProject and help with Wikipedia:Portal:Kentucky as it is built, improved and maintained. Descendent WikiProjects include:

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Help us build a Kentucky almanac that is more meaningful to Kentuckians containing facts, histories, geographical information and community-specific items like schools and even interesting businesses you know about. Use your User page to link yourself to your places of interest and share some of your world with other Kentuckians.

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Tell your friends at Home and on the net about Wikipedia and Wikia. Keep in touch with other Wikia sites through the Central Wikia and with other WikiProjects at Wikipedia that interest you.

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