Arial View of Letcher Elementary School Campus


Letcher Elemtary School is a K-8 public school in Letcher County. It is one of the largest schools in the Letcher area,it certainly is not far from the finest.The top of the outside walls are charred,(discussed later),though are still sturdy enough to firmly hold the roof.

Summerised History[]

The school was built in the mid 1960's and started out as a highschool.Years later,a new highshcool was built in Whitesburg,thus the school was made into an elementary school.Somewhere during it's time as a elementary school,a fire broke out for an unknown reason,though it is suspected to have been arson.The school also used to have a annual water war at the end of the year,on the last day of school.This,however,was stopped when parents complained about thier children coming home,soaken wet.

Surrounding Schools[]

  • Fleming Neon Highschool
  • Fleming Neon Elementary
  • Letcher County Central Highscool
  • West Whitesburg Elemenatry
  • Martha Jane Potter Elementary


  • I am currently a student at this school,so the facts stated in this article are from first person sources.
  • The fire mentioned in the "Summerised History" section was believed to have been in the late 1970's
  • The reason the above was stated was because I could barely find relieable scources on this topic.